MBA1778 Guest Interview – Michelle Brownstein – Financial Tips for Every Entrepreneur To Action Right Now

Let’s get your financial house in order!

Today’s episode is a very special one. Omar sat down for a chat with Michelle Brownstein, a Certified Financial Planner from Personal Capital. Together, Omar and Michelle discuss the big financial questions every entrepreneur needs to answer:

How do you prepare for financial downturns and personal emergencies?

How do you set yourself up for retirement?

What about taxes?

…and more! This is a crash course in personal financial management for entrepreneurs. 

Too many entrepreneurs devote all their time and energy to their passion, their product, their service. But we all need to make the time for creating and executing our financial strategy. 

Whether you want to corner the market, retire young, or simply earn a living, it’s all about smart financial planning.

Tune in, learn these crucial lessons, and start to look at your big financial picture. Click Play!


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