MBA1808 Guest Teacher – Mike Morse – How to Take Your Business From Unpredictable to Wildly Profitable

It’s time to run your business, rather than letting business run you.

Mike Morse is an attorney, consultant, and best-selling author. At one point, the unpredictability of business (and life) caused his dreams to go up in flames —  literally. But from the ashes of tragedy rose a fresh, smarter approach to entrepreneurship.

Today, Mike is here to share some of that approach.

After a destructive experience opened the door to a different outlook, Mike developed a system for creating stability, reliable growth, and exponential profit. He eliminated all but the most essential and enjoyable work, and made his company fireproof.

Tune in as Mike offers a few specific ways you can fireproof your own business, with a strategic, systematic plan for multiplying your success. Click Play!


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