MBA1953 Guest Teacher – Akbar Sheikh – How To Build a 7-Figure Online Business with Giving

The more you give, the more you’ll get.

That’s the core philosophy of Akbar Sheikh, a wildly successful entrepreneur in the coaching space. He’s here to rewire your approach to success with a system that turns generosity into growth.

Get your notepad ready! With Akbar’s 7-step system, you can take what’s uniquely valuable about you, use it to grow an audience, and turn that audience into a loyal customer base. 

You won’t accomplish this by “selling” so much as giving. You share, and keep sharing, until your audience has no doubts about you! This system covers the entire spectrum of a giving-based approach — from your overall mindset, to the practical steps necessary to get results. 

Strap in for an excellent lesson on the sheer power of giving. Click Play!


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