MBA1846 Why We’re Running A Virtual Team Retreat

Considering an online company retreat? This might be the episode for you. Last year, we couldn’t have our live team retreat, for obvious reasons. And with COVID not entirely in the rearview just yet, we had to make a decision.

The question before us was: go virtual, or just wait another year?

In the end, we decided a Virtual Retreat was the right move. Today, we discuss why we think it’s worth the effort (and time, and money), and why even though this retreat won’t be live, it can still have all the team-building effects we’re looking for.

The ROI of a team retreat — even a virtual one — can be hard to calculate. That said, it’s substantial! 

Our fully remote team is distributed across four continents. For us, it’s crucial to create the kind of camaraderie that doesn’t just happen by accident. Every company has a culture, whether its founders actively shape it or not. 

For us, a retreat isn’t a luxury — it’s a priority. Find out why. Click Play!


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