MBA1884 How to Collect Customer Feedback

If you don’t listen to your customers, you’ll lose them.

Just as true: if you listen too much to your customers…you’ll lose them.

Feedback matters. What your customers say should help guide your product development, or you won’t be competitive for long. But you can’t please everybody — and you can’t let yourself be blown around like a leaf in the wind by a thousand different opinions.

So what should you do?

Today, we nail down an organized, scientific approach to gathering and utilizing customer feedback. We’ll discuss how to ask customers what they think, when to ask them, and what tools to use to keep all that feedback organized.

Most importantly, we’ll explain how to know which feedback is high-priority and actionable.

Learn how to strike the balance between being tone-deaf and being too eager to please. Hear your customers out in a meaningful way — Click Play!


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