MBA1893 Guest Teacher – Ruchira Chaudhary – How To Become an Extraordinary Leader by Becoming a Great Coach

Think of yourself as a coach, and watch your team win.

Too many team leaders act as “managers.” But think about how we use that term outside of business. We “manage” problems, difficulties. Our employees are neither. 

Instead, our employees are investments — and they can only deliver returns when we bring out the best in them.

Ruchira Chaudhary is a renowned consultant who teaches leaders how to lead, rather than manage. The best way to do that? Be your team’s coach. Today, Ruchira explains exactly what she means by “coaching” in this context, and lays out a complete framework for bringing this approach to your business.

Help your team — and yourself — to grow. Learn how to lead by coaching, and the results will speak for themselves. Click Play!


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