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MBA2395 Must Read: Be Useful by Arnold Schwarzenegger

In his book Be Useful, Arnold Schwarzenegger shares his seven principles for a fulfilling life – a life where you feel useful, content, and happy. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life story is nothing short of incredible. From being an immigrant to becoming a bodybuilding champion, movie star, and even a governor, he has defied all odds.

In this episode, Omar dives deep into Schwarzenegger’s seven rules and how they can be applied to your business and personal life. More than just a book review, this episode provides practical business lessons derived from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s experiences and wisdom. 

The best part is that Arnold Schwarzenegger narrates the audiobook, bringing his unique character and humor to the storytelling. So if you’re seeking inspiration and actionable advice to elevate your business, click play!


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Be Useful by Arnold Schwarzenegger