MBA1557 Why an End Goal For Your Business Is So Important + Free Ride Friday

Every game has to end — including the entrepreneurship game. 

So what does winning the game look like for you?

It can seem obvious, but do many people start and run businesses without a clear endgame in mind. Or they start with an endgame that’s too vague, and over the years lose sight of that ultimate mission. 

Anyone can get lost in the day-to-day.

Today, we’ll discuss why it’s so important to clearly define your biggest goal. Is it to sell your company and retire? For how much? Is it to change an industry? Go public? Create a certain work/life balance? Be a trillionaire? 

Whatever it is, your big goal has to be definable, measurable, and clear.

By starting with a well-defined goal, you set yourself up to stay on track. Every day you work won’t just be a day you maintain something — it’ll be the next step towards your happy ending. Click Play!


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