MBA1991 What Makes a Great Super Bowl Ad?

What can you learn from Superbowl ads?

Companies spend absurd amounts of money, literally millions for less than a minute of airtime — which means they want the absolute best ROI per second. 

Therefore, Superbowl ads are the prime example of how to get the most out of even the tiniest moments of consumers’ attention. For a small business, the principles are the same, just scaled down. And as we know, video content is quickly becoming the most powerful form of online advertising.

Today, we break down the 3 key “ingredients” to a top-notch video ad, as exemplified by the biggest investments from the biggest companies on the biggest night in advertising. 

Whether you’re producing videos for YouTube ads, social media, or your own website, the ability to make the biggest impact in the smallest time frame is key. Join us as we learn from the best — Click Play!


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