MBA1553 Guest Teacher – Nathan Hirsch – How to Build and Promote an Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing: in many ways, it’s the ultimate “growth hack” for new businesses. 

You essentially crowdsource sales by cutting people in on the revenue generated by their own referrals. Win-win! But is there a strategy to it? 

Today’s special guest teacher certainly thinks so. 

Nathan Hirsch built multiple successful companies that harnessed the power of affiliates. That includes one he grew with zero outside capital investment, but a ton of outside hustle investment from a small army of affiliates he brought on board.

And you can do the same for your business.

In this episode, Hirsch lays out the steps he used to supercharge his growth by targeting the right affiliates at the right time. From smaller recommendations to big-time endorsements from “influencers,” the path to sales is paved with a little help from the crowd…if you know where to look. Click Play!


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