MBA2008 Guest Teacher – Jarod Latch – How to Ensure That Creativity Works During Challenging Times

You can do better than just survival.

When you’re under intense pressure or facing a crisis, it can be easy to focus on nothing more than “getting through it.” 

But you’d be shortchanging your business, and cheating your team out of their full potential.

There are ways to ensure that there’s always time and space for creativity, and not just in traditionally “creative” fields like content or design. According to today’s guest teacher, it’s actually crucial to make sure challenging times don’t close the valve on your team’s creative juices.

And today, he’ll explain exactly how to protect that creativity through thick and thin.

Jarod will discuss what threatens and holds back creativity, and how to establish environments and policies that encourage it — no matter what. Keep your business at its best: Click Play!


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