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MBA2078 Guest Teacher – Jon Ostenson – How to Select a Franchise

You don’t have to start your own business to run your own business.

Franchising is a viable, lower-risk way to get your entrepreneurship on. Instead of building something from the ground up, you can take ownership of an existing, proven business. 

It may not be entirely “yours,” but a franchise is yours enough to provide the flexibility, autonomy, and financial benefits of independent business. But of course, you have to find the right franchise for you and your specific needs and goals.

Fortunately, we have an expert to help with that.

Jon Ostenson is a franchise pro, with deep experience with franchises in almost every imaginable industry (that’s right, franchising isn’t just for food vendors). Today, Jon explains how to get into this lucrative model — and how to pick a business based on its proven potential for success.

Learn how to choose a franchise that offers you the profits (and lifestyle) you want. Click Play!


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