MBA1877 Is Your Business Idea Good Enough? + Free Ride Friday

In business, it’s not the idea that leads to success. It’s the execution.

That said, not all ideas are equally viable — which is why it’s important to change how we think about “good” or “bad” product and service ideas. A product that seems ridiculous might strike a chord with consumers (remember pet rocks?). Likewise, the graveyard of failed businesses is full of seemingly great ideas that people just didn’t buy into. 

So how can you tell what’ll actually work?

Today, we discuss how to determine whether your idea has an honest chance of success — based not only on the merits of the idea itself, but on the multitude of factors that go into the execution. 

Your ability to win over an audience depends on so much more than whether your idea is “good” or not. Fortunately, a little groundwork can paint a pretty reliable picture of your chances. Click Play!


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