MBA2084 How To Deal With Free Trial & Refund Abuse

Risk reversal is a must for most products and services. But inevitably, someone tries to turn a fair shake into a ploy for free stuff — at your expense.

So how can you prevent someone from using your free trial offer as a way to get…more than a trial?

Today, we share all the ways we make sure that our free trial is used for its intended purpose: to give people a risk-free way to confirm their choice. By digging into the data, and seeing how (and how often) people abuse your refund policy, you can take proactive steps to prevent it.

Here’s the good news: you might be shocked at how rarely people pull this kind of stunt. 

That said, someone, somewhere will eventually try to rip you off by taking advantage of your policies. Put a stop to it before it starts. Click Play!


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