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MBA2083 Guest Teacher – Chloe Thomas – How to Build Your Customer Masterplan

Your customers are out there…somewhere. You just have to give them a path to your door. 

The art of creating and converting leads takes practice, experimentation, and (of course) a plan. Today’s special guest teacher is an expert at identifying, attracting, and winning over the people who are the best fit for your product or service. 

Chloe Thomas is a renowned consultant, speaker, author, and expert in e-commerce — but the customer acquisition plan she shares today can work for any kind of business.

Join Chloe for a marketing-focused look at how to create and optimize a path for potential customers. One step at a time, you can build a series of “lily pads” that lead to sales — and prioritize the traffic most likely to convert.

Get the notepad out for this one, and be sure to check out the special free resources Chloe offers to our listeners. Click Play!


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