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MBA2104 Why You Should Run an AppSumo Deal

If you sell digital products, you need to know about AppSumo.

AppSumo is the GroupOn of digital deals aimed at entrepreneurs and other business people. Today, we explain how putting your own offer on AppSumo can boost your business.

…in fact, we’re offering our own deal on AppSumo, to help promote our SaaS business.

Learn the benefits of creating an AppSumo deal, what missteps to avoid, and how to create an attractive offer that draws people in. Yes, you’re giving away a discount — but you’re doing so on a platform with massive authority and a huge reach.

Done strategically, introducing your business to AppSumo’s audience can be a major boost. Learn how we approach it, and how your business can grow with a little help from a big platform. Click Play!


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