MBA2103 Guest Teacher – Frida Leibowitz – How to Identify a Niche in Your Market

Don’t go for the biggest audience. Go for the right audience.

Finding your niche might be the most important early step in creating a business. If you can find the people only you can serve best, you don’t just create sales. You create loyalty.

…and best of all, you do an end-run around the competition.

Today, special guest teacher Frida Leibowitz shares her strategies for identifying, connecting with, and growing the crowd that’s perfect for you and your business. From high-level research to getting to know customers as individuals, you can understand who your potential die-hards really are.

From there, it’s a matter of learning from your audience in order to grow it.

Learn how to find the core audience that forms the foundation of a sturdy business, one that can truly endure. Carve out your space in the market by serving the people who need your solutions most. Click Play!


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