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MBA2196 The Key to Achieving Your Goals for 2023

It’s that time of year!

Time to reflect, assess how we did in 2022, and look ahead to our goals for 2023. 

But having goals is one thing; actually achieving them is another. What’s the difference between companies (and people) who meet their goals, and those who don’t? We think it comes down to one thing — yes, one thing.

Today, we share a single strategy that undeniably works, no matter what else you do.

It’s a trick from the early days of Facebook, credited by many with Facebook’s incredible initial growth. It might surprise you, but it will also make all the sense in the world. Stick with this strategy, and execute it well, and you’re likely to hit 2024 with your 2023 goals already in the bag. 

Before you start outlining your goals for the coming year, learn this strategy first. Ready to hear what it is? Click Play!


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