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MBA2227 How to Hold Yourself Accountable + Free Ride Friday

As a general rule, people don’t do what they don’t want to do.

…even when they should.

It’s not that we’re lazy, or not committed. It’s that we fail to proactively strategize, to paint ourselves into the corners where we’re forced to follow through on our goals. 

It sounds simple. But then…why don’t we all do it?

Today, we’ll share a few tried-and-true ways to set yourself up for success. By employing some external factors in addition to your internal discipline, you can hit the “sweet spot” of pushing yourself while being pushed *just enough* by forces outside your control.

If you don’t manage the forces outside your control, and enlist them in keeping you on track, they’ll come for you anyway — and you won’t like the results.

Hear our simple strategies, and see what you can do about being a better boss to yourself. Click Play!


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