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MBA2228 Extended Interview: Dan Martell – How to Buy Back Your Time

For entrepreneurs (and humans in general), nothing is more valuable than time.

But too often, we trade our time for money — or the promise of money.

Entrepreneurs especially feel like your level of success is directly aligned to how much time you spend working. This. Is. False. In fact, the best thing you can do for your company and yourself is to take back as much time as possible.

Omar learned this from his former business coach, SaaS-scaling legend Dan Martell. 

Today, Omar and Dan sit down to discuss why trading money for time is actually the best strategy for growing and scaling a business to its full potential. It also doesn’t hurt that having more time makes you healthier and happier, too. 

Hear this extended conversation between teacher and student, and learn why time isn’t the price of entrepreneurship — it’s the reward. Click Play!


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