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MBA2268 The Business of Japan P4: How I’m Tapping Into a 5.6 Trillion-Dollar Economy

We’ve learned a ton about business in Japan, and how the country offers incredible opportunities for small business (including Western ones). Now, it’s time to take the first concrete steps. So what do we do?

Today, we put our Ja-plan into action. 

We’re making a few small — but important — moves to introduce ourselves and our company to the country. You won’t see a new $100 MBA Show or WebinarNinja headquarters in Tokyo, but we’re making connections and developing ways to offer our content and services to this under-tapped market.

We don’t know exactly where this will lead. But in business, the most important part is getting started!

Of course, we’ll share how you can take the same steps in your business. Learn how to introduce yourself and your company to a vibrant, potentially underserved market. It’s easier than you might think — Click Play!


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