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MBA2269 Bonus Episode: You’re going to love The Hustle Daily Show

Love the Hustle’s email? Now they have a podcast. Break down biz headlines in 10 min – and how it affects you. Plus random fun bits like Bob Ross thing. Fun, informative. Ep about free stuff, and why people go so crazy for it and why it’s a great biz strategy.

Here’s a crazy idea: a short daily podcast with valuable lessons and insights about business! And no, we’re not talking about The $100 MBA Show. Today, we’re sharing an episode of The Hustle Daily Show.

This podcast from the creators of The Hustle newsletter breaks down the latest big stories in business, and how they might affect you. It’s an excellent way to stay informed, aware of trends, and generally ahead of the curve — all with the smallest possible investment of time.

In addition, The Hustle Daily Show does deep-dive episodes on interesting, fun, and downright weird business phenomena, like how it’s impossible (seriously) to buy an original Bob Ross painting, or how one person won the lottery 14 times. 

Today, we’re sharing The Hustle’s exploration of freebies. From free samples at the farmers’ market to the free articles you get before you hit a paywall, freebies are a powerful business tool — so powerful, in fact, that sometimes they make people a little crazy. 

Check out this excellent podcast. Click Play!


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