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MBA2270 Lessons Learned From Silicon Valley Bank’s Failure

Yikes. The collapse of SVB is one of the biggest stories in business, as depositors, investors, and investees react to what can only be described as a full-blown disaster. But what can you learn from it?

You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to take a lesson from all this.

We won’t be analyzing the specific causes of SVB’s faceplant. But we will explore how SVB broke some of the most basic rules of business, with predictable results. The same thing can happen to any business that doesn’t actively safeguard their assets — and their market’s trust. 

Silver lining: SVB gave us a dramatic lesson in what not to do.

Learn how to put guardrails in place so that your business (even if it’s much, much smaller than SVB) can avoid stepping on a rake. Take care of the key pillars of your business, but most of all, take care of your reputation as a business that delivers what it promises.

Mistakes happen. Failures happen. But they’re only really disasters when we fail to learn from them. Click Play!


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