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MBA2483 Q&A Wednesday: What do I do when things aren’t working in my business?

Have you ever found yourself staring at your business metrics, wondering why growth has stopped and what you can do to turn things around? Experiencing the frustrating peaks and valleys of a feast or famine cycle? You’re not alone, and today’s episode is just for you.

In this Q&A Wednesday episode, Omar tackles a critical question from AJ, who is grappling with a plateau in his online catering business. Omar breaks down the essential yet often overlooked strategy of implementing reliable systems in your business. From effective marketing and sales funnels to consistent customer acquisition techniques, Omar offers tough love advice and actionable insights that can help resurrect any stagnant business.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable advice—whether you’re struggling to maintain growth or simply want to future-proof your business practices, this episode is packed with the strategies you need. Hit play, and let Omar guide you through building the systems that can bring your business back to life and keep it thriving.


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