MBA873 How to Shoot a Demo Video


For most products (especially the digital kind), you want a demo video. Actually, you need one. Nothing helps sales more than showing your customers what a product does and how it works. Whether it’s a course, a service, or a software, your visitors need the reassurance. Buying a product you can’t touch is one thing. Buying a product you can’t see— or don’t understand— just isn’t appealing.

It all comes down to the education theory of sales. You can’t just tell your customers why your product is good for them. You’ve got to teach them. You’ve got to demonstrate how your product works, not just that your product works. Like onboarding after the sale, a good demonstration makes the customer comfortable and familiar with the product. It makes them confident enough to buy it, and competent enough to use it!

This episode offers a step-by-step tutorial in how to film professional quality demo videos. We discuss how to script it, how to shoot it, even what tech we recommend for the best possible result. There’s a lot to know, so let’s get started— Click Play!


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