MBA874 Optimizing Your About Page


What’s the most visited page on your website, after the homepage? Check your analytics, and odds are it’s your “About” section. So many entrepreneurs mistakenly undervalue this page, saving all the thought and pizzaz for the rest of the site. While it’s often an afterthought, the About Page is actually one of your best opportunities to turn visitors into customers. That’s because of the way modern consumers think.

Today’s customers look beyond the brand. In fact, they look beyond the product! In the Information Age, people don’t just insist on knowing how the sausage is made— they want to know who made it. A clear, personal, fun About Page is the best way to convince visitors to do business with you. It’s your “interview” with the public. And it’s your best shot at converting traffic to results. Today we discuss how to build the best About Page, with detailed advice on the layout, features, and goals thereof. Show ‘em who you are— Click Play!


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