MBA877 Stop Talking About Your Business That Way

Few people love their work the way entrepreneurs do. So why do we have trouble discussing it? Most of us can pitch, but how many of us can simply talk about what we do in a way that’s concise and understandable? How many of us can describe our business in a way that shows how excited— and how competent— we truly are?

If you can’t articulate your mission in layman’s terms, you haven’t thought about it enough. If you can’t describe it at a party, you’re missing a crucial skill: the ability to get everyday people as pumped as you are about the product.

Call it the “social pitch.” It’s the ability to represent your business, your brand, and yourself in a relatable, functional way. It’s not just a combination of words to throw around at barbecues; it’s a way of thinking about your business from a human perspective. That perspective, and the language that comes with it, is crucial to bridging the gap between yourself and your market.

Learn how to answer the question “What do you do?” in a way that makes people want to hear more. Click Play!


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