MBA876 Guest Teacher Andy Molinsky – How to Successfully Reach Outside Your Comfort Zone

The comfort zone: we all have one, but not all of us manage to leave it. If you’re in business, it’s not just healthy to evolve beyond what you’re used to. It’s necessary! Your products, your skills, your work ethic; all of these things matter. But none of them add up to success if you’re trapped inside a stagnating version of yourself. Why does getting out of our comfort zone matter so much? Why is it so hard? Most importantly, how can we do it?

On today’s episode, we’ve got someone with answers to all that. Special guest teacher Andy Molinsky is a renowned professor, author, and all-around expert in the comfort zone and how to escape it. An authority on business psychology, Molinsky has identified what being trapped in the comfort zone looks like, how we tend to react to it, and how we can choose to do better. A former nervous introvert himself, he’s here to share his proven techniques for coming out of your shell and stepping into a more successful version of yourself.

Enjoy this in-depth lesson from Molinsky, and check out his best-selling book Reach: A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Rise to the Challenge, and Build Confidence. Plus, enjoy our free bonus gift to you: a special pocket guide from Molinsky on the questions you can ask yourself to shake free of the comfort zone once and for all. Take the first step towards the next you! Click Play!


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