MBA880 The Working While Traveling Experiment P1: Preparing for Travel

Travel while working. Make money while seeing the world. Grab your laptop and hit the beach. We’ve all been tempted by The Dream. But is truly mobile entrepreneurship possible? Can you run— and grow — a business from the road? Here at The $100 MBA, we’re all about the possible. We’re also all about travel. So we packed up, strapped in, and set off for an experiment in location independence ahead of the launch of our game-changing software, WebinarNinja 5.0.

Today’s episode is the first in an 8-part series as myself and my co-founder/best life-partner ever Nicole hit the road for an epic trek abroad. 8 weeks and 15 cities from now, we hope to have learned the best ways to be effective and efficient while traveling. We’ll discuss what to bring, how and where to work, and what potential pitfalls you can avoid— and which you can’t. Everything from the best business travel gear to ensuring mobile service abroad will be covered, along with specific tips for making the most out of your biz-cation.

Making money while seeing the world isn’t beyond reach. Over the next two months, we’ll show you how to do it right! Click Play!


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