MBA245 Q&A Weekends: I can’t get myself to focus and get things done. How do I motivate myself to get going?

Do you have a project or something to do but you can’t get it done because of a lack of motivation? Today’s the day for Q&A Weekends episode and we’re going to talk about this issue. How do we get pumped-up? How do we finish what we have started? Let’s hear it!



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  • Great podcast and always a tough topic. A couple of warnings if I may –
    1) Be careful about setting prices against what you “need” to make. I’ve seen a number of consultants who set their prices off of what they believe that they need to make. It’s not up to your client to pay your bills, it’s up to you to create value for your client. It’s good to know what you need to make, but be careful about using that as the basis for pricing. I think Omar meant this as a minimum amount, but I see too many ICs use it as an upside.
    2) Don’t under price yourself. Know the value you bring and be willing to charge for it. I’ve struggled with this.

    Great podcast!


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  • Amy Westbrook

    Love Omar’s tips. Two more: Assuming you are following your passion but you have a few administrative things that you dread…Try setting a timer for 10-15 minutes to get started on a project they are not crazy about. Once started its easier to keep going! Also, if you have part of your business that you dread because you skill level makes it long and tedious, consider hiring out that project. After all it is hard to start when you have no idea where/how to jump in.