MBA886 The Working While Traveling Experiment P7: How to Stay Focused in a Busy Time

So much to see and do, so little time. We’re on week 7 of our map-hopping adventure, finding out just what it takes to build a business while seeing the world. If you’ve ever dreamed of working independently and remotely, this is the series for you! We’re reporting from the front lines of location independence, sharing all the ups, downs, and surprising realities of working while traveling. With 2 weeks to go, things are getting interesting!

This week, we’re in Berlin, Germany, a fascinating city with more history and culture than we can shake a stick at. But with so much to absorb, how can we stay on task? How can we be efficient and productive when every day offers new wonders— and new distractions? On a hectic, inspiring journey, how can we make sure we’re getting as far in business as we are in travel? Productivity comes down to one thing: focus. And focus is acquired through strategy.

Whether you’re traveling or not, focus is a skill you have to develop. It’s not something that happens by itself. It’s a series of choices you make every single workday. Whether you’re in an office, on a train, or in a charming cafe, zeroing in on what needs to get done isn’t always easy. Today, we’re sharing 6 specific strategies for improving focus that are guaranteed to work. Some of them may seem extreme, but when put into practice, they make all the difference to your business. Try them, and find out how much more you can accomplish.

We know they work because we use them. We know because we’re using them right now, despite the incredible new horizons outside our window at any given moment. We’ve taken time-tested principles of focus and applied them to the most wonderfully distracting situation imaginable. Not only are we staying productive, we’re moving forward as our business grows. Wherever you roam, you can do the same. Find out how you can get in the zone, and free the rest of your life up for living. Find out how to focus: Click Play!


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