MBA887 The Working While Traveling Experiment P8: Would I Work While Traveling Again? My Take-Aways From This Experiment

All good things must come to an end. Our incredible 8 week trip around the world is no exception. But with every ending comes a new beginning— and the end of this journey signals the start of something BIG for ourselves and our listeners!

We’re in the magical, timeless little town of Gimmelwald, Switzerland, surrounded by breathtaking beauty and clean mountain air. We’re reflecting on everything we’ve learned while business-building on the road, and getting ready to head home and begin the next chapter. What we’ve discovered along the way will have a big impact on our decisions going forward— and it might just do the same for you.

We’ve got big news to share at the end of this episode, but first, we’re taking a big-picture look at our two months’ journey. We discuss our biggest, most important takeaways. We share 5 burning questions that we had going into the experiment, as well as the answers we uncovered. So many entrepreneurs sell the idea of location independence, of making a living from your laptop while roaming the landscapes of your dreams. And for every person who’s sold it, there’s been someone who questioned the feasibility of this alternative lifestyle.

Is it real, or is it a pipe dream? Is it worth it? We stopped asking, and started finding out for ourselves.

Today we address everything you need to know when considering mobile entrepreneurship, from the costs to your business to the effects on your health. We tried it out, and the benefits and drawbacks are both considerable. We’ve got important advice— you might even say warnings— for anyone who’s serious about taking their show on the road. We discuss what you get, what you lose, and how working while traveling changes the nature of both work and traveling.

Our final verdict may surprise you. You may agree with it. You may not. But either way, you’ll consider your own options armed with the benefits of our experience. Hear how our literal journey affected our business journey. Decide if the mobile life is right for you. Click Play!


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