MBA929 Off Social Media For 4 Months. The Results So Far.

What is social media costing you? What is it gaining you? The answers to these questions — and finding the right balance between them — could mean as much to your business as it does to your personal life and well-being. Our host Omar decided to find out in the most direct possible way: by quitting social media altogether.

4 months in, and Omar’s learned a lot about the time and headspace consumed by social media, and how that compares to the business benefits. While there are some things he definitely misses, there are other things our host (and our business) are happy to do without. Is social media your default go-to when you have a spare moment? If you added up all your spare moments, could you do something more productive with them?

Find out how to balance the realities of online marketing with the need for healthy habits. Click Play!


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