MBA934 How to Start Saying NO. Practical Strategies

Sometimes, you just have to say no.

While entrepreneurs are driven to be positive, affirmative, and happy to take on a challenge, limits are our friends! And while fostering good relationships means helping people when you can, overextending yourself can lead to the worst reputation killer of all: failure to deliver. So how can we turn people down without turning them off? How can we say “no” in a way that maintains our reputation?

We’ve got you covered. Today, we discuss some easy, practical ways to decline. These strategies are polite, non-confrontational, and help preserve — or even strengthen — relationships. These declining techniques are appropriate and effective for everyone from clients to friends, with a focus on the relationship’s value.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. To paraphrase a famous wizard, you SHALL pass, when appropriate. And it just might save your business. Click Play!


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