MBA933 Guest Teacher: Stefan Pretty – Stop Losing Customers! How to Reduce Churn

As entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to get customers. But are we doing enough to keep the ones we have?

Today on The $100 MBA Show, we’re talking churn: the rate at which your business loses customers over time. To help understand this complex metric, we’ve brought in another expert guest teacher: Stefan Pretty of Pretty is an authority in the subscription services game, and specifically in the science of customer retention. When in comes to reducing churn, this is the guy to talk to.

Pretty outlines the reasons behind high churn rates, and the importance of tracking and analyzing this oft-neglected metric. He offers specific strategies to reduce churn at key stages in the marketing and sales funnel. He gives valuable advice on how to make your product more “sticky” and relevant over the long term. There’s a lot to learn in this episode!

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