MBA944 How to Shoot a Sales Video without a Camera

Lights, camera, action!

Great sales videos are a must for your business website. But many of us are intimidated by the thought of producing one. We think it requires a lot of specialized A/V equipment, including a camera (besides the one in our smartphone). But here’s the twist: you don’t need a camera other than the one in your phone —- because you don’t need one at all.

You also don’t need incredibly sophisticated technical skills. All you need are a few software tools, some very helpful websites, and a willingness to learn a few new tricks. You can script, “shoot,” and edit your sales video with nothing  but your laptop and a modest (or even very modest) budget.

Today, we describe 2 specific options for shooting your sales video sans camera, depending on your time and budget constraints. We discuss the value of sales videos, and tell you where to find all the best tools, support, and information you need. From screen capture software to microphones to online editing classes, we’ve got you covered. Click Play!


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