MBA960 Q&A Wednesday: When is the best time of year to run a conference or event?

Conferences and other real-world events can be a huge boost for your business. Scheduling such events for maximum attendance takes strategy, planning, and wisdom — exactly the kind we offer on today’s episode. The right time of year makes all the difference to the success of any event, based on the industry, climate, culture, and a host of other factors.

To pull off a win, you need to think way, way ahead.

Today we discuss some general guidelines that apply to all or most kinds of conferences and events, including some definite no-no’s you should be sure to avoid. We help you put potential attendees in a position to make “yes” an easy answer to give, utilizing the sweet spots on the yearly calendar.

You only get one chance to fill your event with potential partners, customers, and allies. Get it right! Click Play!


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