MBA961 Why You Are Not Getting Enough Press

For entrepreneurs, attention-seeking behavior isn’t a bad thing.

To widen our reach and attract our audience, we all need press. Everything from brand awareness to SEO is dependent on being mentioned (in a positive light) by industry websites, popular blogs, and even local newspapers. So how do we get the exposure we crave? Today, we offer 3 hard-earned lessons on how NOT to get press — lessons we learned from (painful) experience.

If your business is being ignored by the thought leaders and tastemakers of your industry, it’s likely because you’re engaging in one of these 3 mistakes. The good news? They’re easy to correct, and the damage can be reversed. By avoiding these 3 errors, you can stand out, get noticed, and watch as trusted sources spread the good word about your business. Ready to establish yourself? Click Play!


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