MBA985 Q&A Wednesday: What would you do differently if you started your software company all over again?

Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

What would we do differently? We’ve learned so much over the course of building and running our SaaS business, WebinarNinja. Of course, like many entrepreneurs, we wish we knew then what we know now! For this week’s Q&A Wednesday, we’re letting our mistakes be one listener’s guide — and yours.

From our tiny two-person startup, we’ve built a team of 30 that now administers a service with over 13,000 active users. From the creation of our first Minimum Viable Product, to imperfect decisions about pricing, team management, and design, there’s a million “do-overs” we’d love to have. Some decisions were small, others were huge.

But along the way, we did the most important thing entrepreneurs can do: learn.

Apply our lessons to your business. Take what we wish we’d done, and do it yourself! We think you’ll be glad you did, looking back. Click Play!


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