MBA1029 Unexpected Speed Bumps in Starting an Online Business with Matt Jenks

The road to independent success could use a few warning signs!

If you’re starting your first online business, this is the episode for you. In a special interview, we’re sitting down with someone whose entire job is helping new entrepreneurs get the most out of their websites: Matt Jenks, program manager for customer success at Weebly.

As the guy responsible for shepherding new entrepreneurs into the DIY web-based business world, Jenks has seen it all. His experience is multiplied by the experience of countless entrepreneurs he’s worked with, both successes and…not-so-successes. If there’s a way to get your new business off track, Jenks has seen it — probably more than once.

Today, Jenks sits down with Omar to discuss all the hiccups you’re likely to face when starting an online business, from marketing to funding to staying motivated. This episode has more value-per-minute than you can shake a laptop at, so get started. Click Play!


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