MBA1043 Guest Teacher: Dan Stones – The 5 Steps to Building An Unbeatable Team Culture

Want to keep your team happy, productive, motivated, and on point?

It’s all about the culture.

Today, we’ve got a special guest teacher with years of experience helping businesses build teams that work. Dan Stones knows team culture — what kind of culture gets the best results, how to cultivate it, and how to get everyone on board. He’s here with 5 tips that any business owner (big, small, or in between) can use to promote optimal teamwork.

Employee turnover is a big-time waste of resources. By establishing a team people are happy to be on, you can keep the real “keepers” around for reasons beyond compensation. With mutual loyalty and a shared purpose, the best teams are truly more than the sum of their parts.

Tune in, and learn how to take a holistic approach to team performance, empowering your employees and creating the most productive dynamic. Stones has the surprising truth about exactly how much influence you can have over team culture — whether your team realizes it or not. Click Play!


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