MBA1057 Free Trials: With or Without a Credit Card Required? + Free Ride Friday!

The free trial: it’s an old, effective, tried-and-true way to turn leads into sales. But there’s one aspect of the free trial that business owners can’t seem to agree on.

Should you require a credit card, or not?

On the one hand, taking credit card info makes the final sale that much easier — and therefore, that much more likely. On the other, asking for credit card info before the prospect is ready to buy can cut things off before they start. When every second counts (and online, every second counts), every barrier to entry is a potential loss of sale.

Today, we put in our two cents.

With a couple different businesses under our belts (and one more on the way), we’ve used both methods. We’ve found that certain types of businesses and products lend themselves more to one method or the other. Like much else in entrepreneurship, it’s all about the timing.

Besides our own businesses, we discuss other examples of (highly successful) businesses which do and don’t require credit card info for a free trial. Listen in, and figure out what would work best for you. Click Play!


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