MBA1060 Q&A Wednesday: This podcast is huge! How did you grow your podcast audience?

This week’s Q&A Wednesday started with a (much appreciated) compliment. One loyal listener noticed that our little ol’ podcast has grown exponentially since we started it, and wanted to know how we pulled it off.

Well, we’re happy to share exactly how we built our audience.

Mostly, it has to do with our “content first” approach, prioritizing the quality and value of our show above our marketing efforts. That’s not to say we don’t make an effort to attract listeners, but our first mission is to create something worth listening to! We discuss how we keep our podcast fresh, relevant, and subscription-worthy.

Then, we share the promotional tactics we used to get attention. With a little hustle, we were able to turn enough ears in our direction to create momentum. Once enough people heard our show (and most importantly, found it valuable), the rest (mostly) took care of itself.

Best of all, you can use the exact same methods we used in order to promote your podcast. We learned how to podcast the hard way, by…well, screwing up and learning from it. Use our experience to make your podcast the best it can be. Click Play!


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