MBA913 Guest Teacher: Brian Dean- How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos for Higher Rankings (and More Views)

YouTube has been called “the world’s 2nd biggest search engine” behind Google. While so many entrepreneurs are striving to climb the Google rankings, are we leaving potential customers on the table by ignoring YouTube? Our first guest teacher of 2018 seems to think so, and he’s put the time in to discover exactly how to dominate it. Now, he’s here to tell us how it’s done.

Brian Dean is an SEO genius, whose years of experimentation and fine-tuning have made his website,, one of the most trusted resources for content marketers. In fact, he’s so great at SEO that we actually found him through (you guessed it) a Google search!

In the last year, he’s turned his attention to YouTube, which – like Google – is key to building your audience. But YouTube’s ranking algorithms are very different from Google’s. Today, Dean shares 7 strategies to optimizing your YouTube videos, including some surprising discoveries that will completely change how you approach the video-sharing site as a content marketing tool.

Brian Dean is the first of many fantastic guest teachers we have lined up for this year. Don’t miss out on what YouTube can do for your online presence. Click Play!


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