MBA1070 Q&A Wednesday: How much has your podcast helped grow your businesses?

We love podcasting. But we didn’t get into it just for kicks.

The $100 MBA show has a purpose: to build an audience, and demonstrate our credibility to those who may eventually choose to do business with us. It’s our way of offering something to people as a way to start a conversation and build relationships.

It’s fun, but above all, our podcast is a marketing tool.

For Q&A Wednesday, one listener wants to know how effective our podcast is at helping grow our businesses. With The $100 MBA, our software company WebinarNinja, and another project on the way, what effect has padcasting had on our overall success?

Today, we discuss exactly how we know that podcasting is working for us. From the easily measurable to the indirect and subtle, we explore the bottom-line effects our popular, award-winning show. We discuss which metrics are important and how we track them, to help you understand how to accurately measure the value of the medium.

Plus, we discuss what it takes to podcast, from the time and resources we invest to the ups, downs, struggles and triumphs of producing new content day in and day out. Let us help you decide if podcasting is right for you. Click Play!


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