MBA1094 Why Exercise Is a Must For an Entrepreneur

A healthy entrepreneur is a successful entrepreneur.

Conversely, an entrepreneur who’s out of shape is physically, mentally, and emotionally less equipped to handle the challenges of running a business. We’re not the first (or the only) ones to say it, but far too people take it seriously. Health is a requirement, if you want to reach your true potential as a business leader.

It’s not self-centered, and it’s not vain. Finding the time and effort to keep yourself in shape is an investment in your business. All entrepreneurs are pressed for time, and all of us have fairly packed schedules. But prioritizing health and fitness is a shrewd, smart, effective business decision.

Today, we discuss how you can get the exercise you need, why you should, and how to make the time. We describe the positive impact a commitment to exercise has had on our business, and why we would never trade our gym time for more office time. Click Play!


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