MBA1099 How Many Pricing Options Should You Have For Your Product?

Does one price fit all? Or should you offer different strokes for different folks? If so, how many different pricing tiers make sense for your business?

That’s the question we’re pondering today, as we discuss the number of price options you should present to your potential customers. It’s a frequently asked question, one whose answer depends on several factors. Your pricing structure has to communicate the real value of your product, while also empowering the customer to make their own choices.

Today, we discuss exactly how to nail down those numbers.

We help you figure out how to determine — and even more importantly, present — pricing options that will work for and entice your customers. We offer tips on how to reveal these options for maximum effect, using the psychology of comparative pricing to create a sense of value.

With this information, you can figure out what pricing options are most likely to attract, convert, close, and delight your audience. Click Play!


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