MBA1108 Must Read: Open by Andre Agassi

A business person needs to be a champion. Perseverance, heart, and the will to dig deep for the best in yourself are the basic qualifications for entrepreneurship. Nowhere can we find better lessons for all that than in the memoirs of literal champions like Andre Agassi.

Let us put this out there: this is the best autobiography we’ve ever featured on this podcast, full stop. Open isn’t about business per se, but it is about finding what it takes to overcome your own shortcomings, discover your motivation, and allow your daily life to be driven by deep-seated purpose.

Plus, it’s a hell of a lesson in personal branding.

So how did a book about tennis rank so consistently high on best-seller lists, and make it to the top of our Must-Read list for entrepreneurs? It’s simple: this book is about how mentality can overcome anything, from childhood trauma to destructive perfectionism to an opponent with a mean forehand.

The book is about defining winning for yourself — something every entrepreneur needs to do in order to be truly successful.

It’s fascinating, it’s moving, but most importantly for us, Open shows us what it takes to reach your full potential, whatever your calling. As books go, this one will serve an entrepreneur just as well as it would a budding tennis star. Find out why — Click Play!


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