MBA1110 Q&A Wednesday: How do I write employee contracts?

As your team grows, it’s important to set the terms of employment. Otherwise, you and your business can be left vulnerable, legally speaking.

Crafting solid employee contracts doesn’t require a law degree (though you should have someone with a law degree look your contracts over). It does, however, require some knowledge and resources. Today, we discuss how to put your own employee contracts together, with minimal consultation from lawyers — saving you expensive legal fees.

We describe how to come up with your own templates for contracts, including how to use a fantastic, reliable online resource designed just for small business owners. We talk about what to include, how to format your contracts, and how to involve legal counsel without breaking the bank.

Employee contracts are a necessity, a long-term protection for your business that allows you to grow your team while heading off potential problems down the road. We struggled mightily with this when our first team grew, so learn from our experience! Apply this advice to your own growing team, and you’ll be glad you did. Click Play!


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