MBA1123 Guest Teacher: Pete Vargas- Crafting a High-Converting Signature Talk

One talk can do it all. It can propel your independent business, and keep it growing year after year. The right signature speech can be the foundation of your entire personal brand, boosting your credibility and growing your following.

Today, we’ve got a special guest teacher who specializes in crafting evergreen, reusable, home-run talks that get serious mileage. Pete Vargas knows what it takes to command the stage or screen with talks that are valuable and inspiring, and that convince audiences to take a closer look at you and your product.

Pete’s here to discuss the 4 specific components that can make a signature talk your most powerful marketing tool. Whether it’s for conferences, webinars, website videos, or anything else, the content you put into your talk can carry your message far and wide — and win converts along the way.

Learn how to create, deliver, and leverage an incredible talk. Click Play!


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